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Empower learning with our LMS software offering Unlimited Live lectures, Unlimited VOD (recorded) sessions, and comprehensive Mock Test/Assessment features for a holistic educational experience.

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  • Learning Management Solution
  • Mock Test/Assessment
  • Gyan Sangam/Doubt Solver
  • CTO as a Service

Learning Management Solutions

Institution can conduct unlimited live and video-on-demand (VOD) classes, providing flexibility and accessibility for seamless teaching and learning experiences.
Can make "N" number of courses hassle free in few clicks to build your courses and make the live for your audiances.
Private chat ensures confidential communication, fostering trust, security, and personalized interaction, enhancing collaboration and engagement for effective communication.
Discussion forums promote collaborative learning, knowledge sharing, diverse perspectives, and community engagement, fostering a dynamic and interactive learning environment to solve the query/doubt of candidates easily.
You can deliver pdf, pptx and docs to your audience in the form of study material.
Own secure server ensures data control, privacy, and protection, reducing vulnerabilities and providing a reliable, confidential platform for operations with long term cost saving.
Institution can integrate multiple payment gateway as per their business requirement. We can integrate major payment gateway including strip and any bank's gateway.
Detailed reports of a candidate offer comprehensive insights, aiding informed decisions. Benefits include assessing skills, experience and many deep reports.

With our LMS, educational institutes can improve student engagement, enhance learning outcomes, and optimize their operations. Join the future of education with 99Mentor.

Mock Test/Assessment

Create mock tests in a minute through bulk upload of thousands of questions in one go.
Take test through your branded website or Mobile app
Create video soutions for your audience, keep them engaged.
Administrator can get various kind of test report about their candidates.

Online mock tests offer flexible, accessible exam practice. They enhance preparation, simulate real test conditions, provide instant feedback, and empower learners to identify and address their weaknesses effectively.

Doubt Solver

Institution can upload unlimited solutions in the form of Video, Audio, Text and Image.
Student has to ask only through voice their doubt, they will get solutions within seconds.
Type-search and get the solution in a very easy way.
Click the problem and upload image for the best possible solutions from the app.

Doubt solver apps offer instant clarification, fostering understanding and confidence. They provide personalized learning, prompt assistance, and empower users to overcome challenges in real-time, enhancing educational experiences.

CTO as a service

99Mentor play a crucial role in product development. We guide the development team, ensuring the creation of robust, scalable, and innovative products that meet your business needs and market demands.
Outsourcing reduces teach department costs, providing access to skilled professionals without the overhead of full-time employees.
Companies can scale resources up or down based on project requirements, ensuring optimal resource utilization.
Access to a pool of experts ensures high-quality work, tapping into diverse skills not available in-house.
By outsourcing non-core functions, you can concentrate on your academy and marketing strategic activities that is your core competencies.
Hiring a CTO as a service brings strategic leadership to your organization. We guide technology decisions aligned with business goals and long-term vision.
We drive a culture of continuous improvement, encouraging regular assessments and refinements to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of technological processes for your organization

The alternative to hiring such a costly specialist in-house is opting for a CTO as a Service. This could be an advantageous move that can bring with multiple benefits, from project planning, execution, and maintenance to team formation, innovation adoption, code quality audits, scaling, and so much more.

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